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yay im at collage

2008-04-28 20:39:20 by linkbryan1126

im at devry university, anyone else go here?

piano mood?

2008-04-24 01:14:45 by linkbryan1126

idk why but im in a straight up piano mood, just wanna remix old game music into piano music, so thats just what im gonna do

that joke mades me laugh

2008-04-18 16:39:47 by linkbryan1126

it was so funny i had to make a new screen name because of it, thats a damn funny joke

hats off to that guy and his joke


2008-04-11 10:39:46 by linkbryan1126



2008-03-25 16:39:46 by linkbryan1126

well i sure as hell dont feel floaty anymore, off to collage for me, to learn and what not, doing the hole going away dorm thing and everything


now time to learn

feelin lonley

2008-03-24 00:43:39 by linkbryan1126

you ever get that feeling of being lonely, even when there are other people around?

just feelin a bit lonely lately, i wanna make a sad song to go along with the feeling, songs usually turn out better when emotions are carried into them


2008-03-20 15:22:31 by linkbryan1126

i think ive fallen into an 8-bit mood ever since i found the original version of my song platform, will courage be able to save his new home?

man that was a long time

2008-03-11 13:26:03 by linkbryan1126

i havent had internet for like, 2 weeks, i moved but now i have fios so im good

started a music project of remixing boss themes, got 2 that i havnt updated, one in the making

taking suggestions


2008-02-24 00:21:41 by linkbryan1126



2008-02-20 22:41:12 by linkbryan1126