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i did it......

2008-05-30 01:41:04 by linkbryan1126


and i made it in the exact way i wanted......

i exceeded my own expectations and couldnt be happier with the results of this song, its everything i wanted

it is a unique remix of all of bowsers greatest boss themes, and it just...kicks...ass

if you havnt heard El bowser, listen to that first, then hear the improvement, its insane


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2008-05-30 02:12:10

Hahah, its kickass. It blends nicely, although the trumpet seems just a little bit off, but thats just a niggle. 5'd.

linkbryan1126 responds:

thanks for enjoying it!

i had the trumpets sound more natural at the end of the song in the beggening and for some reason it threw off the sound of the song, i couldnt figure it out but i just switched em back to the less natural sound and it flowed better hehe


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