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new project

2008-06-22 14:55:01 by linkbryan1126

i wanna remix another boss theme song, but im having trouble picking one, anyone out there wanna through some ideas at me, and if yuo wanna get really specific see if you got an idea of how you wanted it to be remixed, what theme you where thinking

i need some type of boss theme music, preferebly nintendo but its not a neccesity, and im not gonna remix a song from a game i havnt played because it just wouldnt fele right for me


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2008-06-22 17:20:16

zelda 1?


2008-07-19 13:58:32

i've heard you're bowser and ganon remixes and i must say im impressed!

hmm, i guess a metroid game or maybe u should do the classic zelda tune, remixed of course

linkbryan1126 responds:

thank you, im glad you enjoyed them, didnt think id be able to impres......metroid you say........oh i think its mission time

although i have this idea for a FFX remix with strings and some type of break beat, but the idea is not ready yet, no ill focus on that metroid idea for now