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Its been awhile

2009-01-08 22:55:56 by linkbryan1126

i havn't uploaded anything in a good long time, so i guess ill start uploading a project im working on

ive always been a huge fan of Donkey Kong Country 2, not just the game, but the music, and even though i know its going to be damn hard to do it any justice, i wanted to remix the soundtrack from one of my favorite games, as i complete them ill upload them here, so you'll know where to find them if your into the songs


Dire Dire Docks

2008-08-25 10:12:54 by linkbryan1126

Dire Docks

yeah i know another Dire Dire docks remix, but hell why not right?

new song!

2008-08-03 02:54:51 by linkbryan1126

Alpha Syndrome

I was trying out some new techniques and i think this turned out really well, if people like it ill do some more like it, actually i would like to try and incorporate this type of sound into a remix, presumably a zelda one but on open to suggestions

new project

2008-06-22 14:55:01 by linkbryan1126

i wanna remix another boss theme song, but im having trouble picking one, anyone out there wanna through some ideas at me, and if yuo wanna get really specific see if you got an idea of how you wanted it to be remixed, what theme you where thinking

i need some type of boss theme music, preferebly nintendo but its not a neccesity, and im not gonna remix a song from a game i havnt played because it just wouldnt fele right for me


2008-06-20 06:31:38 by linkbryan1126



two new songs

2008-06-15 14:51:00 by linkbryan1126

i seem to be going with a theme or area or something

first one can be described as arabic
second one can be described as irishy(which is now apparently a word)

Well Take the Sands

Well Take the Sky

i definitely was trying for scary for one and happy for another, and i think both turned out rather well, although im leaning more towards the irishy one because its got a more unique sound then the other one, and i like the word irishy

i did it......

2008-05-30 01:41:04 by linkbryan1126


and i made it in the exact way i wanted......

i exceeded my own expectations and couldnt be happier with the results of this song, its everything i wanted

it is a unique remix of all of bowsers greatest boss themes, and it just...kicks...ass

if you havnt heard El bowser, listen to that first, then hear the improvement, its insane

El Bowser

2008-05-29 13:13:26 by linkbryan1126

listening to my old song "EL BOWSER" i relized i sort of rushed the ending, and never made the song what i truly wanted it to be.

ive decided to reopen the project and redo the song from scratch, probably keeping the beggining mainly the same, hopefully ive learned alot more since then and can finish the project and get the full sound i want this time

if i swallow anything evil

2008-05-19 17:32:06 by linkbryan1126

put your finger down my through

name that tune!

2008-05-11 18:52:20 by linkbryan1126

dunana na na na na na naaaaanana nana....budom do doo, dunana na na na na nana nanaaaaaaaaaaaaa

dodo do do do do dodo do, NA NA NA, NANA NA, da da da da da do do do, NA NA, NA NA NANA NA,